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Daryl Gurney booked his place in the Quarter-Finals of the BetVictor World Matchplay after a spectacular 11-9 win over the two time back-to-back world champion Gary Anderson after producing some spectacular darts as the Northern Ireland star averaged an astronomical 103.26 average hitting NINE maximums on his way to his second victory in a row against Anderson on the back of his 8-4 win over the Scot in last weekend's U.S Masters Semi Final.

MATCH REPORT | Daryl Gurney - Gary Anderson

The game didn't start off perfectly for the Northern Irish star as he found himself 3-0 down with some clinical finishing from Anderson, but Gurney did not let that phase him whatsoever as he came back strongly as he fired in a 15-darter as he took out 104 to close the deficit to 3-1. Superchin then broke Anderson's throw heading into the first break with a superb flourish as he hit another 15-dart leg taking out 58 on D20 to make it 3-2. Anderson moved 4-2 ahead to break Daryl straight back as he fired in a 12-darter as he took out 66 after hitting SEVEN perfect darts. Gurney responded emphatically after he fired in a sublime 10-dart leg which was the best leg of the tournament so far as he hit back-to-back 180's which was followed by D8 to make it 4-3. Gurney completed the comeback as he took out 70 cleanly for a 14-darter to level things up at four-a-piece. Anderson regained the lead at 5-4 as he took out D10 to hold throw firmly. Gurney yet against responded in the most amazing style as he fired in a 12-darter on throw as he took out 121 on the bullseye to level the contest at 5-5 heading into the second break. Superchin toom the lead for the first time in the match in leg 11 as fired in an 11-darter after hitting two 180's followed by a 41 finish to lead 6-5. Gurney then held his own throw firmly as he fired in a 15-darter to increase his lead to 7-5 as he took out 25 on D4. As expected, back came Anderson as he took out 104 for a 15-darter to reduce the deficit to 7-6 with both players averaging well over 105 at this stage. Gurney extended the lead to two legs once more as he moved 8-6 ahead courtesy of D8 as he took out 38. Anderson came back again to make it 8-7 courtesy of a 13-darter to put the pressure on Gurney. Superchin returned the favour in the very next leg as he fired in a 13-darter of his own as he pinned D16 for a 9-7 advantage. Anderson held throw to make it 9-8 as he pinned the D18 with Daryl waiting on 78. Tension played a part in the next leg, but the Northern Irishman held his nerve as he took out D5 with his last dart with Anderson waiting on D8 as he went 10-8 ahead and within one leg of the Quarter-Finals. Anderson fired in a superb 11-darter to make it 10-9 and pile on the pressure. Gurney finished off the job in the final leg as he fired in a 15-darter as he pinned D8 to take out 70 and knock out the much fancied two time back-to-back world champion capping off a phenomenal display from the Londonderry ace.


Daryl Gurney booked his place in his second TV major Semi-Final of 2017 after a terrific 16-13 victory over the Austrian Mensur Suljovic in which was a superb contest which had it all from high scoring to superb finishing as the Londonderry ace fired in 13 maximums and a highly impressive 57.14% checkout percentage hitting 16 of his 28 doubles attempted which included a sensational 146 finish.

MATCH REPORT | Daryl Gurney - Mensur Suljovic

Gurney started the match off steadily as he fired in a 17-darter on the back of hitting a 171 as he pinned D20 with the Austrian breathing down his neck as he opened up a 1-0 lead. Superchin looked to double his lead as he looked to have control of the leg after finding his first 180 of the contest but he missed a single number on 74 to allow Suljovic to pick out D20 to level things up at 1-1. The Northern Irishman soon put that error to the back of his mind as he came back with a 13-dart leg as he picked out D8 for a 2-1 advantage. Gurney had an opportunity to break the Austrian's throw as he missec a dart at D20, but he wasn't allowed another visit as Suljovic took out 81 in two darts to level up the match once more at 2-2. It was the Austrian Suljovic who went in at the first break 3-2 to the good as he took out 80 for a 15-darter to break Gurney's throw. The Austrian went on to double his advantage to 4-2 courtesy of a 13-darter as he pinned D8. Gurney was not relenting at this stage as he reduced the scoreline to 4-3 courtesy of a 15-darter as he found D16 with his last dart in hand. Leg Eight was a sensational showing from both players as they exchanged maximums and despite leaving 63 after 12 darts, Daryl never had a shot as Suljovic pinned his favourite D14 on the back of a maximum visit to move 5-3 ahead. Gurney continued to hold on to his own throw as he found D7 with the Austrian breathing down his neck as he reduced the deficit to 5-4. Despite piling in the heavy scoring once more, Gurney was denied an attempt at a two-dart combination after 12 darts as the Austrian fired in D14 for a 14-darter and a 6-4 lead. The pair once again traded blows as they both fired in maximums and it was Gurney who pinned D16 for a 15-darter to hold throw and move within a leg of Suljovic. Superchin found the break of throw he was looking for in leg 12 as he found D16 for a 13-darter to level up the contest at 6-6. The Londonderry ace provided a moment of pure tungsten genius in the next leg as he took out a majestic 146 finish to take the lead for the first time since leg three with Suljovic waiting on D16. Suljovic kept up the pace however as he found a 13-darter as he picked out D16 to level things up again at 7-7. Gurney then responded as he fired in a stunning 11-dart leg to move 8-7 ahead as he took out 56. Gurney looked to break in the next leg as he left 121 after just nine darts, but Suljovic put in a superb 10-dart leg to level the match up at 8-8. What happened in the next leg was a crucial point in the match as Gurney missed two darts at D16 to move 9-8 ahead and he was punished by the Austrian as he found his friend in D14 for a 9-8 lead and a break of throw. Gurney produced some superb darts to break back and level the match up again as he took out 280 in just five darts courtesy of a maximum followed by a 100 finish to once again swing the match in his favour. The Austrian managed the break Gurney's throw straight back again with a 12-dart leg as he took out 261 in six darts as he hit a 177 followed by an 84 finish to move 10-9 ahead. The Austrian moved two legs clear as he went in at the break 11-9 to the good after a pretty cagey leg it's fair to say as he picked out D20. The Northern Ireland star came out after the break strongly as he found a 15-dart hold of throw to pull it back to 11-10. Suljovic was just not relenting even after 21 legs as he strongly held throw to move 12-10 as he took out 59 for a 14-darter as the momentum looked to swing the Austrian's way. Gurney dug in really well at this stage as ran off two legs on the spin to level up the match at 12-12 swinging the momentum in his favour. Superchin delivered a blow to the Austrian as  he picked out D16 for a 15-darter to move 13-12 ahead. Suljovic wasn't giving up however as he levelled things up at 13-13 with no signs of either player breaking away. Gurney stepped things up a gear or two in the next few legs which started off with a 14-dart leg as he moved 14-13 ahead which was closely followed by the most crucial moment in the match as broke Suljovic's throw courtesy of a 13-darter to give him the darts for the match. Gurney didn't disappoint but it didn't come without drama as Suljovic missed a dart at his favourite D14 to make it 15-14 and it was punished as Gurney fired in D8 with his first dart as he sunk to his knees in delight as he enjoyed a 16-13 victory and a place in the Semi-Finals against Peter Wright who coincidentally was his opponent in the UK Open Semi-Finals in March.


Daryl ‘Superchin’ Gurney is becoming the star his darts talent demanded, and to celebrate his new nickname, his management team have designed a new superhero darts shirt for him.

You can buy them (signed by Daryl himself) via his Merchandise page – in Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Silver, in Small to 7XL sizes.